Noggin Property

Built for local communities
to collect vital property data.

Noggin Property lets you capture data "in the field" or at your desk. It's designed to be flexible, portable and work for you, wherever you are.

Our comprehensive toolkit collects data on:

  • Properties (location, state, listings, planning)
  • Occupancy (chain, independent, franchise)
  • Ownership (landlords, UK & overseas corporations)
  • Fascias (imagery, quality)
  • and much more.

Clear Photographic History

Noggin Property lets you instantly document High Street changes and upload high quality photos of each property every time there is a change.

Photos give enormous insights into the history of properties: their occupancy, how their fascias have changed and the quality of the presentation. They show how each site has evolved and provide compelling documentation on the dynamics of the High Street.

Custom Reporting

Create visualisations of your High Street at any point in time, with clear annotations and reports. Send reports as email or PDF, ideal for sharing in monthly newsletters or meetings.

If you participate in national vacancy benchmark schemes, Noggin Property can quickly produce the data you need to participate and gather valuable comparisons with other local areas.

Data Meant for Sharing

We believe accurate local data is key to the prosperity of communities, whether it be for maps, directories, estate agents, or anybody else. Knowing the composition of a community is key to building it, and we make sure the tools are available to help you share this data far and wide, as curators of local area data.

Of course, not everything's for sharing. Any personal data such as private landlord data is kept secure and restricted.

For all the tools you need to collect & report data in your local area, it's just £675 per year + VAT.

Need help getting started? We have a team of researchers across the UK. We'll do the legwork and research for you. A complete database of businesses and properties in your area, with photos, whatever we can find on ownership and other data. Updates as well. Simply visit our website & we'll create you a quote to suit your needs.

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